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Frequently Asked Questions.

Table of Contents

  1. What kind of housing do you offer?

  2. What are your properties like?

  3. Do you only take vegans?

  4. What is the legal agreement?

  5. Where do you operate?

  6. What is Swansea like?

  7. Are there employment opportunities?

What kind of housing do you offer?

We can offer anything from a studio apartment to a four-bedroom house, subject to availability. Please bear in mind that 95% of the properties are happily occupied 95% of the time. Where appropriate we can forward people to shared housing we may know about, or to other landlords. You may be looking to buy in our part of the country, in which case we’ll offer what help and support we can. We can share with you our technical knowledge (three of us have taken professional training) and we may be able to put you up in temporary accommodation to suit your timescale, although usually a six-month rental term is established initially.

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What are your properties like?

Our properties are refurbished to a high standard, typically with built-in cupboards and new carpets or laminated wooden floors. Some are let unfurnished and some furnished. The furnished properties are by and large the smaller ones, flats for example, and mostly fully equipped with everything you’ll need up to and including kitchen utensils and a new washer-dryer. We’ll remove some furniture from these by negotiation if you have some items of your own and are as concerned as you are that you settle in comfortably. See the View Our Properties page for some examples. We have a building and maintenance team (currently about 60% vegan if that’s of interest to you!) working on a rolling program of new properties being developed, and we are learning more as we go along about ecological and energy saving techniques. We are planning to build new properties from scratch in the near future, into which what we’re learning can be better implemented.

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Do you only take vegans?

No, about half of our tenants are non-vegan, but we like to discriminate positively towards professional vegans, vegetarians, and spiritually minded people. These are people who because of their beliefs are more likely to follow a healthy lifestyle, who for example are less likely to smoke (something we discourage) and we find, tend to live with integrity and also look after where their home well. There is a good feeling dealing with such people. If on the whole this is you, we’d be pleased if you’ll enquire about property with us.

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What is the legal agreement?

A Shorthold Assured Tenancy, this is a standard lease renewable 6 or 12 monthly. Unless you come by personal recommendation you may be asked to complete a referencing form, for which there is a £35 submission fee. Where tenants jointly take a property, they are jointly and severally liable.

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Where do you operate?

We are based in the Swansea area of South Wales and a little beyond, although we have associates with properties to rent in the South Wales Valleys and as far away as Kent.

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What is Swansea like?

For those of you without the good fortune to live in Swansea, it's a pleasant town (technically a city) with a friendly population of 300,000 and a five-mile-long sandy beach. You can bicycle along its promenade from the Marina to Mumbles Head. Mumbles is the seaside village at the peninsular end of Swansea although the seaside element has never been overplayed. Past Mumbles Head lighthouse westward is the South coast of Gower, Britain's first designated Area of Natural Beauty.

29th July to 13th August 2017 sees a return of the 37th annual, peripatetic, Vegan Summer Camp to Bank Farm Leisure at Horton on Gower SA3 1LL.

To the Northwest and North of Swansea within driving distance are the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons respectively. Westwards to the end of the M4 motorway and beyond is West Wales, now incorporated into the administrative region of Swansea Bay City Region. There's some fine coastal walking and pleasant rural areas. To the West on the Irish Sea (technically Cardigan Bay) lives Britain's largest resident population of dolphins and across that sea a three-hour ferry journey away, is Southern Ireland.

Swansea itself sits upon a cradle of hills that can offer panoramic views and a feeling of space, punctuated with minimally managed green areas. See the View Our Properties page for pictures of some of our properties and some of the people in them.

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Are there employment opportunities?

The reference made above to the Swansea Bay City Region is significant. Plans are underway to develop the city to a degree unprecedented since the rebuilding of Swansea after it was blanket bombed during the second World War (Rob Stewart, Leader of Swansea City Council). Swansea is destined to become a "powerhouse" for the region (Sir Terry Matthews, Chair of Swansea Bay City Region). Watch this video link:


to see a conceptual fly-through posted by Swansea City Council on YouTube, of the developments. 

  • £-half-a-billion is being spent redeveloping the 14-acre seafront site where at present stands the City Hall, also the St Davids area inland from it. These are to become new leisure, retail and residential areas with a pedestrian boulevard linking them.
  • The central, Castle Square area is to be enhanced.
  • North of this on the Kingsway thoroughfare a .55acre site is being prepared for the newly built Civic Centre. The city administration has bought many of the properties along this thoroughfare for it to be partly greened and pedestrianised, and developed with the intention that this district shall create a new business centre for the city.

  • Last April Prime Minister Teresa May signed off a City Deal for Swansea. This is to bring another £1.3bn and add 9000 jobs to the tide of developments. A primary benefit is to enable sites in the city (and particularly to enhance the new business district and some University and tech-business sites) to be a test bed for BT's new G-Fast or Ultrafast broadband at 500Mbps to 1Gbps speeds on copper cables that BT calls "the next stage in our story".

  • East of the Business District, at present half-old, half-renewed, is High Street. This has been earmarked for a Cultural District and is already occupied by some theatre, art, and gallery activities. Swansea has been shortlisted on a list containing just four other cities from which will be chosen the UK City of Culture 2021.
  • All of Swansea appears to be developing apace. Swansea University opened a second, 65 acre campus in 2015 and is shooting up the league table of UK Universities, scoring particularly highly for student satisfaction. The new campus is one of the few in the UK to have its own beach. The second University (Trinity Saint Davids) is following suit in building a new development in the SA1 dockside area. 

These all promise existing (and exciting!) new work opportunity in the city. If granted final government approval following a conclusion approving it by the government appointed Hendry Review, the Tidal Barriage shall spearhead a new source of energy supply for the UK (and a world first!) promising to supply 11% of the UK energy supply from this, and five more planned around our coastline by this Swansea company. The tidal lagoon company premise is to use local labour and materials in the majority, wherever possible.

The two hospitals, both growing in size, were formerly a second source of employment to The City and County of Swansea with its own 6000 staff.

On a smaller, vegan scale, there is a specialist vegan shop at Unit 23B Swansea indoor market. Sufficient sole traders and partner vegan businesses exist in the area for us to repeat vegan fairs within the locality.

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