About Veganism

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About Veganism.

A vegan is a strict vegetarian. Vegans don’t eat any animal produce if they are dietary vegans, and ethical vegans may not wear animal derived clothing, footwear, nor use diverse products made where they involve animal exploitation.

There are four distinct arguments that persuade people towards this path. The Environment; for many reasons we can feed more people, more sustainably, eating plant produce directly than feeding it through animals. Compassion is linked in the one direction to issues of Animal Welfare. In the other it may not be a considered response, just that you are squeamish about killing animals! Healthy living encompasses both the category of people not satisfied with ‘mediocre health’ and striving towards a ‘superlative’ health and well-being, and those people who changed their life merely to recover good health. Some take it a step further in the belief that it furthers their Spiritual Development to avoid eating flesh.

Many vegans take it up as a natural follow-on from thinking about various aspects of life. The diet and beliefs might go alongside other things a person does, be they involved in meditation, natural healing, horticulture or ecology, but not necessarily so! In any case we tend to be rounded, happy, healthy individuals, and whilst diverse, are likely to be co-operative and friendly.



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