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About Us.

Vegan Lettings is based in South Wales and specialises in letting property to vegans, vegetarians, and spiritually minded people. Not exclusively the above, but we only let to "nice people" might be another way of putting it.

Vegans, vegetarians, and spiritually minded people - because of their beliefs - are more likely to follow a healthier lifestyle. They are less likely to smoke (something we discourage), live with an integrity such that we'd hope they'll look after their home well, and there is a good feeling about the people who are coming to live in our houses. If on the whole this is you, we would be very pleased if you would enquire about property with us.

We currently operate in South West Wales (particularly Swansea and the surrounding area). Those of you planning to come to South Wales will find a ready-made growing community of individuals and groups dedicated to healthy, ethically-minded lifestyles. There is a feel-good factor about Swansea's current climate, and this is reflected in the quality of our refurbishments. You can see some photographs on the View Our Properties page. 

Part of "Vegan Lettings" mission is to - wherever possible - help people integrate into their new home and environment. There may be several points of contact you might be interested in, for example, the Vegan Community Network shares news and information. Under it's umbrella an informal purchasing co-operative shares deliveries of organic fruit & vegetables and other wholesale organic supplies. Swansea has the largest and most active vegan group in Wales. Monthly talks, meals out, and special events are all on offer, and 2006 sees a series of Vegan Fairs in South Wales.

We are constantly learning about what we are doing, and doing it better all the time.  

If you are interested in investment or business opportunities, we may be able to help or to involve you in an active or passive capacity. If so please contact us.


A note about this site: We are updating. Please be patient with us.

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