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email : veganlettings@gmail.com
Telephone : +44 (0) 1792 468200



Vegan lettings is a specialised company that lets property preferentially to professional vegans, vegetarians, and 'spiritually minded people. We are a commercial company that is aware it also serves a social purpose.

Vegans, vegetarians, and spiritually minded people - because of their beliefs - are more likely to follow a healthier lifestyle, are less likely to smoke (something we discourage), and live with an integrity such that we expect they will look after their home well. These factors lend themselves to a symbiotic relationship that enables us to provide homes specified to high standards of finish and maintenance. We welcome feedback that will help us to move forward in using ethical products and facilities where possible.

We have been developing and managing properties in South-West Wales. Often, as soon as we prepare a property or one becomes available, it is let. If you are seeking to live in an area with an active and growing like-minded population, or even if you seek accommodation outside of Wales (since our list of contacts and what we can help with is growing) we would be grateful if you would email us a line or two indicating your requirements.

Yours Faithfully

Michael Sosner



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